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 Developers are getting creative and embracing some of the newer design and construction trends currently impacting healthcare real estate.

An abandoned post office in Walnut Creek (inset), was converted into an 8,500-square-foot OSHPD III outpatient medical clinic.

Reducing a building’s carbon footprint is a critical topic, especially in California. As an example, we recently installed Suntuitive thermochromic glazing in two of Meridian’s recent ground-up outpatient clinics in Modesto and Stockton, Calif. This glass is more expensive up-front than traditional glass, but it should produce a lower life-cycle energy cost as the glass naturally tints when heat and sunlight are applied to it. Plus, the patients’ and employees’ indoor light quality is drastically improved. Meridian is exploring other construction methods and techniques as part of its energy-saving initiatives. These include photovoltaic, modular, smart building management systems and sustainable materials.

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