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Development of enhanced PDLC smart glass with improved durability and performance for architectural and automotive applications.

iGlass is the only company in Australia that doesn’t rely on overseas companies to produce the interlayer that is commonly referred to as switch glass. We manufacture it right here in Australia, laminate it, install it and are proud of it. Known for our quality we ship our Roll Form all over the world.

In Partnership with world renowned Australian scientists working together to support iGlass R&D we have produced a new generation of Privacy glass which supersedes current market availability in clarity and durability.

CSIRO Published on Sep 19, 2016

‘A wide range of devices based on organic electronics have recently appeared. The devices include organic photovoltaics, light emitting diodes, field effect transistors, batteries, capacitors, sensors and smart windows. A common issue in achieving widespread market acceptance of these devices relates to their aging characteristics and durability.  As part of a program directed towards longer-life organic electronics, a collaborative project between CSIRO/Monash/QUT and iGlass (an Australian company) is proposed for the development of new and improved smart glass that enables automatic control of the optical properties of glass, such as light transmission and visibility, while at the same time, addressing the current market concerns of product lifetime and durability. Thus, significant improvements in electro-optical properties, durability, and operating window with respect to temperature are targeted.   With global market acceptance and product enhancement demand, the market for the developed devices is projected to be in excess of $300 million by 2025.  The developments pave the way for efforts directed towards improving the durability of other forms of organic electronics, thus substantially increasing the potential market size and impact.’


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