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By 19 September 2018Media

iGlass offers dynamic partitioning and on-demand privacy of interior building spaces such as conference and meeting rooms, offices, gymnasiums and hospital ICUs.


In a glass-enclosed meeting room, iGlass doubles as a projection screen to eliminate the expense and clutter of separate built-in screens. iGlass also offers unique opportunities to visually communicate to large audiences in convention centres, exhibition halls, retail showrooms, storefronts or backdrops in television studios.

The iGlass smart glass technology is similar to that used in laptop computers and LCD televisions. Through advanced nanotechnology, polymer-dispersed liquid crystals (PDLC), deposited in a micro thin sandwich laminated between two panels of glass, are aligned parallel to each other when the flow of electricity occurs.

When the flow is stopped, the crystals return to their original irregular position, blocking the flow of light for privacy.

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