iGlass Privacy and operable wall units enables multi function use of emergency treatment bed bays

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A new redevelopment and expansion of the Integrated Care Department for the Sandringham District and Memorial Hospital in Victoria needed to achieve the maximum flexible use from its emergency bed cubicles and ensure that varrying treatment requirements could be delivered by quickly modifying the cubicle functions.

The design brief called for a dedicated negative pressured isolation room and a secured Behaviours of Concern room (BOC), both of which could be reconfigured for alternative treatment uses when their primary functions were not in high demand.

The architects suggested that modifications to the traditional solution for a BOC room of fixed observation window and strengthened walls could be varied to allow the cubicle to be utilised as a normal emergency bed bay.

IGLASS was asked if they could provide a sliding glass door panel that would resist extreme attempts to break the glass, could include the iGLASS Privacy function (frosted to clear view) and could include a section of the door that could operate as a independently switched observation window.

The solution offered and installed by iGLASS was an aluminium framed and glazed sliding door panel utilising heavy duty sliding door tracks, laminated security glass inserts, iGLASS Privacy glass and a separately switched iGLASS Privacy observation panel as part of the door.

In BOC mode the room is secured and visually private from outside the room. Staff monitoring the occupant can view into the room via switching the observation privacy glass on or off as required without revealing a view of the entire room to others in the ED Department. When not required as a BOC room the sliding door panel is able to be fully opened. A full height roller door was also installed on a rear wall to conceal the power outlets, wall mounted hand basin, and medical gas points when in BOC mode.

A common difficulty with class N negative pressured isolation rooms is their ability to maintain a 15Pa differential between the room and the internal corridor. Attempts to achieve this differential using sliding doors has not been successful.

iGLASS in conjunction with JEB Partitions suggested a system of glazed operable wall partition panels with an adjustable floor, head and jamb seals that can be deployed by staff when the panels are in the closed position and raised when the panels are moved to one end so the room can function as a standard bed bay. iGLASS Privacy glass was also utilised in the operable panels to allow privacy control in either room mode.


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