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Done properly, a shop display window can be a great way of enticing people into your store. Thing is, it’s only really useful when your shop’s open.

iGlass might be one way of changing that. The product, which claims to turn a standard storefront window into a touch-screen, appears to have a lot of potential. People can, for instance, buy products, get quotes, browse catalogues or brochures, and view and be alerted to product information.

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The window display technology works with adhesive rear projection film. Images, video and dynamic media content are projected onto the storefront window — or mobile display — turning it into a TV screen. Music and sound effects are also possible add-ons.

iGlass can also be used to play games designed by the retailer, take part in competitions and importantly, share the company information socially on multiple platforms, including social media.

iGlass is targeted at retailers and landlords of properties with high foot traffic rates who want to draw more passing trade, but are facing traditional constraints in the retail space. These include limited shopping hours, limited floor space for displays, and increased rental space costs.

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Meet iGlass: the touch screen tech trying to change shop displays


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