THE BLOCK Season 12 Ep 40 Challenge Apartment Rooms Revealed

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With the new season of ‘The Block’ announced for August 5 2018, iGlass takes a stroll down memory lane to Ben Toyne and Andy Sunderland’s bathroom challenge, featured on season 12 episode 40 of The Block.

The scene opens with The Block’s host, Scotty Cam – clipboard in hand – standing in front of the nervous contestants. It is the turn of rookie renovators Ben and Andy to have their bathroom judged by The Block’s resident judges – Darren Palmer, Shaynna Blaze and Neale Whitaker.

iGlass featured on The Block

iGlass Privacy was featured on The Block, season 12 episode 40.With the new season of ‘The Block’ announced for August 5 2018, iGlass remembers Shaynna Blaze’s reaction to seeing iGlass Privacy for the very first time. “That’s off the charts” exclaims Shaynna with one hand over her heart while her other hand is used to steady herself on fellow judge Darren Palmer’s shoulder. Watch full episode here

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SCOTTY CAM: “I gave Darren Palmer a bit of a heads up on the integration of our new friend Honey (voice activated assistant); Darren quickly got into the tech side of your room”

DARREN PALMER: addresses his fellow judges “As you guys know, the contestants have been putting in all of this technology to make these the homes of the future”

DARREN PALMER: addresses Honey “Honey, tell ensuite, lights on”

HONEY: “Hello Shaynna, Darren and Neil, welcome to the house of the future”

SHAYNNA BLAZE: slaps her thigh enthusiastically and exclaimsYeah! That is crazy!”

SCOTTY CAM: So imagine what happened when Darren said, Honey, Privacy on”

DARREN PALMER: “Tell ensuite, Privacy please”

iGlass Privacy transitions from transparent to opaque

SHAYNNA BLAZE: puts her hand on her heart while steadying herself on Darren’s shoulder and declares “That’s off the charts”

DARREN PALMER: “That is incredible, how cool is that?!

Scene cuts to Ben Toyne and Andy Sunderland

BEN TOYNE: asks a rhetorical question, “Honey, are we happy….? Yes we are!

The scene closes with an image of iGlass Privacy transitioning back to clear and voice-over from Shaynna expressing her amazement

SHAYNNA BLAZE: “That’s cool”

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