The RMH Stroke Care Unit

By 1 February 2019Media

A brand new $9.3 million 31-bed Stroke Care Unit has been completed at the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) to treat patients suffering with neurological conditions including acute stroke.

With a background in neurosurgical science, iGlass’ founder and CEO Dr J Pak has a special interest in continuous improvement to the health sector. When the opportunity arose to contribute to the new RMH unit, iGlass shifted into consultative mode, working with the team at Alchemy Construct to provide comprehensive plans to enhance write-up-bays, glass smoke-doors and clinical therapy rooms.

iGlass Privacy has been installed throughout the new stroke unit in the Royal Melbourne Hospital. With a total of 31-beds comprising of 8 high dependency rooms (HDU), and 23 standard rooms (2 of which are bariatric rooms). The rooms are a mix of single and double room accommodation, as well as a rehabilitation gym and a patient rehabilitation area.

The write-up bays enable healthcare providers to observe their patients through windows which are connected to an electrical switch, once the observations are documented on the computer located in each write-up bay a switch is flicked returning the glass back to opaque, thus restoring the patient’s privacy.



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